1" Rigid Crown Boxes with Foam

R1F-10BK (Charcoal Foam)

Many in stock

Attractive crown and bridge tooth boxes are available in a wide variety of colors. Using two crown and bridge fillers per box provides maximum protection for contents. Available either in plain or custom printing. The one time die charge covers the cost of preparing the metal die, which is retained in our files for repeat orders. 
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Black/Clear (Char. Foam)
Blue/Clear (Char. Foam)
Red/Clear (Char. Foam)
Green/Clear (Char. Foam)
White/Clear (Char. Foam)
Maroon/Clear (Char. Foam)
Clear/Clear (Char. Foam)
Blue/Blue (Char. Foam)
Black/Black (Char. Foam)
White/White (Char. Foam)
Blue/Clear (Blue Foam)
Clear/Clear (Blue Foam)
Blue/Blue (Blue Foam)
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